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Stalking Legislation – Expression of Support from the Estella Scott-Roberts Foundation

Further to the Law Reform Commission’s request for stakeholders and the public to provide comments on the draft stalking legislation, this serves as a statement of support for such legislation.

The Estella Scott-Roberts Foundation (“the Foundation”) was established to promote “gender equality and a life free of violence for all” and the Foundation supports initiatives that share or further this goal.

In this regard, the Foundation believes that its vision to achieve gender equality and eradicate all forms of violence would be advanced if the current proposals put for the introduction of stalking legislation in the Cayman Islands, which have been made available for public consultation by the Law Reform Commission, were implemented.  Accordingly, the Foundation applauds these efforts to identify appropriate legal remedies to prevent or reduce harm brought about by such conduct.

The Foundation further notes that these proposals for stalking legislation are part of a package of related legislative measures to address gender-based violence.  This includes the Protection from Domestic Violence Law, 2010, which is now on the statute book.  However, it also includes the Sexual Harassment Bill, which the Law Reform Commission included in its 2013 Final Report on Sexual Harassment and which remains under consideration.  The Foundation therefore hopes that the process for the full implementation of both the sexual harassment and stalking legislation can be achieved with the urgency that these important matters deserve.